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ORTOVOX Avalanche Airbag Recognized for Excellence by Outside Magazine

rygr October 20, 2022

German mountain brand earns Outside Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for new AVABAG LiTRIC TOUR Collection

LONGMONT, Colo. (October 20, 2022) – ORTOVOX, the global leader in mountain safety equipment and apparel, is proud to announce the new AVABAG LiTRIC TOUR has earned an Editor’s Choice Award in Outside Magazine’s 2023 Winter Gear Guide. The award-winning ORTOVOX AVABAG LiTRIC TOUR along with the entire collection, including ORTOVOX AVABAG LiTRIC FREERIDE and ORTOVOX AVABAG LiTRIC ZERO, will be available on November 2, 2022 at and at select retailers.

Made possible by a collaboration with Arc’teryx, ORTOVOX co-developed a boundary-pushing new avalanche airbag technology for Winter 2023 that is lightweight, intuitive and reliable. The LiTRIC technology enables both brands to produce airbag systems that weigh just 2.4 pounds and feature an electronic system run by supercapacitors and a long-lasting Lithium Ion battery that hold 60 hours of charge for at least two inflations.

“It’s an honor to have AVABAG LiTRIC TOUR recognized in Outside Magazine for the Editors’ Choice Award. Partnering with a great brand like Arc’teryx to co-develop an avalanche airbag system was truly a unique experience, bringing together our expertise for the greater cause of mountain safety. ORTOVOX’s AVABAG LiTRIC TOUR and the entire AVABAG LiTRIC collection establishes yet another milestone in our mission to protect people and the mountains,” says Tom Mason, U.S. brand manager at ORTOVOX.

LiTRIC Airbag Technology

Made in Germany, the LiTRIC airbag system will increase safety by providing at least two inflations for at least 60 hours when it is fully charged, making multi-day tours possible with no need for recharging. The system can be tested any number of times at no additional cost and is easily charged at home via USB-C. With no cartridge, there’s more space for gear and no travel restrictions. The system itself weighs just 2.4 pounds, saving weight with the cold-tolerant supercapacitors and ultra-lightweight airbag making it one of the lightest airbag constructions on the market. From the height-adjustable, secure deployment handle to the reimagined safety leg strap, the intuitive design makes LiTRIC easy to operate and simple to pack away. On the side of the pack, the LED display shows the charge status of the battery and its readiness for operation.


Ski tourers love the versatility of their sport, from quick training sessions on their local mountain, to high alpine backcountry tours, right through to multi-day ski excursions. AVABAG LiTRIC TOUR ($1,300-$1,400) is the perfect versatile companion for all the above. The modular LiTRIC airbag base is specifically designed for tourers in two back lengths, regular and short. The pack can be adapted for its intended use with two tour-specific zip-on bags in 28-liter short, 30-liter, 36-liter short, and 40-liter capacities. The lightweight Full Contact Light system fits snugly to the back, providing a high level of comfort on long tours, and the circumferential zipper offers quick access to the main compartment. LiTRIC TOUR has all the necessary attachment options for skis, snowboards, ice axes, and ropes as well as a helmet net and space for climbing skins. Additionally, avalanche rescue equipment can be stowed in a separate safety compartment.

SIZES: 30 liters and 28 S // 40 liters and 36 S

WEIGHT: 5 lbs 5 oz (30 L), 5 lbs 4 oz (28 S), 5 lbs 7 oz (40 L), 5 lbs 5oz (36 S)

MATERIAL: Base: polyamide 420D Cordura; Zip-on: polyamide 400D (77% recycled)

COLORS: desert orange, dirty daisy, pacific green, black steel (30 l); mountain rose, petrol blue, dirty daisy (28 l); petrol blue, desert orange (40 l); black steel, mountain rose (36 l)

MSRP:  $1,300 (30 and 28 S) // $1,400 (40 and 36 S)


AVABAG LiTRIC FREERIDE ($1,250-$1,350) is designed with freeriding in mind, offering the highest level of safety and comfort in a lightweight pack for riders that are willing to climb the extra mile for the best line. Similar to LiTRIC TOUR, this pack has a modular LiTRIC airbag base, making it a versatile option for short or long days in the backcountry. LiTRIC FREERIDE can be adapted with the zip-on system in 16-liter short, 18-liter, 26-liter short, and 28-liter sizes. The modular FREERIDE LiTRIC airbag base can be used on the TOUR base and vice versa. The Clasp Back Technology offers a wide, flexible hip belt and soft shoulder straps while fitting snugly to the back, allowing for complete freedom of movement. FREERIDE LiTRIC is also compatible with ORTOVOX’s clasp spine protector, which can be purchased separately.

SIZES: 18 liters and 16 S // 28 liters and 26 S

WEIGHT: 5 lbs 5oz (18 L), 5 lbs 2 oz (16 S), 5 lbs 11 oz (28 L), 5 lbs 9oz (26 S)

MATERIAL: Base: polyamide 420D Cordura; Zip-on: polyamide 400D (100% recycled)

COLORS: black raven (18 l); pacific green (16 S); desert orange, petrol blue, black raven (28 l); ice waterfall, black raven (26 S)

MSRP: $1,250 (18 and 16 S) // $1,350 (28 and 26 S)


Also new in the collection is AVABAG LiTRIC ZERO ($1,200), a pack designed for tourers who seek to keep things as lightweight and safe as possible while in the backcountry. At only 4.3 pounds and 27 liters, this technical LiTRIC airbag pack only focuses on the essentials. There is ample space for day tours and it is equipped with important features, like an attachment option for skis, an ice axe or poles as well as pockets to store avalanche safety equipment in the main compartment, helping keep gear organized.

SIZE: 27 liters

WEIGHT: 4 lbs 5 oz

MATERIAL: Base: Polyamid 210D EXTREMA. This pack does not have a base/zip on system

COLORS: black raven, desert orange

MSRP: $1,200

The ORTOVOX AVABAG LiTRIC TOUR along with the entire collection will be available on November 2, 2022 at and select retail partners. For more information, please contact Senior Account Manager Maria Brickman at

About ORTOVOX: ORTOVOX is a four-season mountain brand headquartered in Germany known as an expert in avalanche rescue equipment and wool apparel designed specifically for ski touring, freeriding, mountaineering, alpine climbing and alpine touring. Since its founding in 1980, ORTOVOX has stood for a sophisticated approach to protection and comfort in the mountains, characterized by the responsible treatment of people and nature. As pioneers in avalanche rescue, ORTOVOX has played a key role in the development of emergency equipment and targeted training measures for mountain sports, with protection as the brand’s most important value. This protective ethos extends to include safe and fair working conditions for its employees, setting the highest standards of animal welfare on the brand’s Tasmanian merino farms and ensuring environmentally friendly manufacturing of its products. 

Contact: Maria Brickman

970-236-1668 ext. 2104