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Lectric eBikes + YouTube

Driving YouTuber Commerce


Lectric eBikes is a socially native brand and the fastest growing ebike manufacturer in the U.S. Since launching the brand in 2019 with the support of a core community of YouTube creators, influencer marketing has served as a key brand pillar for Lectric. Over the course of our three-plus-year partnership, rygr and the client have worked hand-in-hand to drive deep collaboration between commerce and influencers, with particular focus on the brand’s active network of Youtubers.


In June 2021, rygr undertook the launch of Lectric eBikes’ affiliate program, with a primary focus on expanding the brand’s successful social footprint and incentivizing creators through commerce opportunities. Our team initially executed a recruitment and onboarding program that grew the partnership list to more than 75 active social influencers across the bike, RV travel and tech categories.

Following program launch and initial recruitment, our team has executed frequent and regular coverage audits that drive our program optimization. Working closely with the client, we manage ongoing recruitment, outreach and negotiation. Successful tactics have included commission optimization, flat fee placements, product launch event execution, and brand social feed takeovers. Beyond our work with influencers, rygr has cultivated a publisher network that spans mainstream, lifestyle and core titles, as well as a variety of loyalty and rewards programs.