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Introducing Solarcore®, a Thermal Solutions Company that Leverages NASA-inspired Aerogel

rygr September 13, 2023

The new insulation platform has gained traction in consumer and government projects as it enters the market

PORTLAND, Ore. (Sept. 13, 2023) – Today, Solarcore® officially launches as a standalone materials technology brand, leveraging the thermal properties of NASA-licensed Aerogel, the world’s lowest thermally conductive solid, to revolutionize insulation for a multitude of applications – from structures and packaging to cold weather apparel and footwear. By combining cutting-edge technology with innovative design, Solarcore sets new benchmarks for thermal efficiency, along with being durable, versatile and applicable across various product categories.

“The early success of Solarcore’s applications, from outdoor apparel to military infrastructure, is just the beginning,” said Michael Markesbery, co-founder and CEO at Oros Labs, parent company of Solarcore. “We believe the future of insulation lies in harnessing the potential of innovative materials that have already proven their efficacy in the most challenging environments, such as space. The integration of NASA-inspired Aerogel into Solarcore material’s DNA is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in thermal solutions.”

“With the launch of Solarcore, we’re excited to unveil a brand built around the vision of transforming the insulation industry.” added Rithvik Venna, co-founder and COO at Oros Labs, parent company of Solarcore.

Solarcore’s initial application within its sibling brand, Oros apparel, proved its value on the consumer market as a world class insulation. Oros successfully applied Solarcore insulation technology to key thermal zones in cold weather apparel. This body-mapping allowed Oros to optimize its unique thermal advantages and retain its ground-breaking warming properties, while also increasing mobility and performance.

Solarcore will continue market expansion through key strategic partnerships with the U.S. Department of Defense and renowned consumer footwear brands, such as Merrell and L.L. Bean, showcasing the advantages of its technology across government and consumer industries. Examples of those partnerships include:

·      In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense, Solarcore is set to transform the Army’s cold weather tactical shelters, offering enhanced heat retention, reduced weight, and improved efficiencies in transportation and setup. With the Defense Department investing billions annually in heating and cooling tactical shelters, the adoption of Solarcore presents significant cost-saving opportunities, operational and carbon footprint benefits.

·      In the consumer sector, Solarcore partnered with Merrell to insulate the footwear brand’s MTL Thermo Rogue 4 Boot, which won an ISPO Award in 2022. The boot was recognized for incorporating Sc_Foam, which maintains excellent conductive thermal properties even under compression, while offering a lightweight, high-performance solution for cold weather. Solarcore will continue to prioritize the expansion of partnerships with footwear, apparel, and accessory brands that recognize the remarkable advantages of the Solarcore ‘More Warmth. Less Bulk’ promise.

Additionally, Solarcore has recruited an incredible team of advisors, including Col. John Burger, former Chief of the Joint Cyber Center (USCENTCOM); Bill Frank, Partner at NCT Ventures; David Schwab, Executive Vice President at Octagon; and Jim Ryan, Former Chairman & CEO of WW Grainger. Solarcore has also recruited an impressive leadership team, with deep experience in materials, innovation, business development and marketing from industry leading companies, including The North Face, W.L. Gore, Dyneema, FLIR, Columbia Sportswear, Adidas and more.

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About Solarcore®: Solarcore® is a materials technology brand developing the most advanced thermal insulation on the planet. We took NASA’s well known Aerogel technology and patented ways to infuse into products that deliver best-in-class thermal efficiency.