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Superfeet Introduces New Product Names and Packaging

rygr June 27, 2023

On the 40th anniversary of Superfeet’s iconic insole, Green, the brand is upgrading product names and
packaging for improved shopper experience

FERNDALE, Wash. (June 27, 2023) – Global insole industry leader Superfeet is commemorating the 40th anniversary of fan-favorite insole, Superfeet GREEN, with a full revamp of product names and packaging to improve the insole discovery experience. The name changes and packaging updates align with the modern shopping journey, simplifying the Superfeet insole selection process to make it easier for retail sales staff to recommend the right products and to provide a clear path for shoppers to understand how each Superfeet product will meet their unique needs.

“For those who know and love Superfeet, our GREEN Insole is synonymous with firm support and recognizable simply by its color name, but we know this naming convention doesn’t explain what the insole provides and the many benefits wearers can experience,” says Trip Randall, CEO at Superfeet. “We want to support as many feet as possible, and we’re confident that simplifying the insole discovery process with more descriptive names and updated packaging is big step towards achieving that goal.”

The updated and more descriptive naming convention spans across the entire product lineup, providing consistency and easy differentiation between styles, setting Superfeet apart as the insole brand for all types of people, with a full spectrum of choices. Customers can count on the same trusted insole design and performance as each style maintains the signature orthotic shape Superfeet is known for. The all-new names feature the activity directly in the name—all-purpose, run, hike, hockey, winter, casual—and include the primary benefit each insole will deliver—support, cushion, performance.


Updated Names of Popular Models

·       GREEN Insoles to All-Purpose Support High Arch Insoles

·       BLUE Insoles to All-Purpose Support Medium Arch Insoles

·       BLACK Insoles to All-Purpose Support Low Arch Insoles

·       ORANGE Insoles to All-Purpose High Impact Support Insoles

·       BERRY Insoles to All-Purpose Women’s High Impact Support Insoles

·       CARBON Insoles to Run Support Low Arch Insoles

·       RUN Comfort Thin Insoles to Run Support Medium Arch Insoles

·       RUN Comfort Insoles to Run Support High Arch Insoles

·       ADAPT Run Insoles to Run Cushion Low Arch Insoles

·       ADAPT Run Max Insoles to Run Cushion High Arch Insoles

·       TRAILBLAZER Comfort Insoles to Hike Support Insoles

·       ADAPT Hike Max Insoles to Hike Cushion Insoles

·       WINTER Comfort Insoles to Winter Support Insoles

·       CARBON Pro Hockey Insoles to Hockey Performance Insoles

·       EVERYDAY Comfort Insoles to Casual Support Insoles

To complete the range of Superfeet running-specific insole fits and feels, Superfeet will introduce Run Cushion Medium Arch Insoles this October, providing a well-rounded product offering for all runners and walkers. Shoppers can choose from the structured, semi-firm feel of Run Support insoles in three different arch height choices, or the cushioned, flexible feel of Run Cushion insoles in low arch, medium arch and high arch options.

In addition to the updated, more descriptive product names, the redesigned packaging clearly communicates the fit, feel and experience of each Superfeet style, while showcasing the values of the Superfeet brand. Elements on the new packaging help shoppers dial in their fit by highlighting three key fit profile elements—arch height, underfoot cushioning and insole thickness.d=

Superfeet set out to make its packaging easy to understand and inclusive, mixing biomechanical science and personality to invite more people into the brand. Extensive in-person and online consumer focus group testing and input from leading retailers in the outdoor and running channels helped ensure the updated packaging appeals to all types of shoppers and makes the insole selection process easy. Like the previous packaging, the new packaging features sustainably minded materials to align with Superfeet’s overarching sustainability goals.

Highlighted Elements of the Packaging Design

·       Prominent purpose/activity use case placement

·       Indication of support and cushioning levels, with comprehensive cushioning scale

·       Fit profile information, highlighting arch height and thickness

·       Packaging is 100% recyclable

·       Made from 100% recycled materials with at least 35% post-consumer waste

·       Packaging supplier purchases sustainable energy credits, resulting in boxes printed using 100% sustainable energy resources

“While our signature insole shape remains unchanged, we’re confident these product name and packaging updates will help more people discover and enjoy Superfeet, removing barriers that may prevent them from being active, comfortable and confident on their feet,” says Linda Balfour, vice president of marketing. “And when that happens, people can do more of what they love and live happier, healthier lives.”

The new Superfeet product names will go live July 11, 2023, at

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