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Rumpl, Oxcart Assembly Introduce NASA Artemis Collection

rygr November 4, 2022

 Bold, new collab celebrates the beginning of NASA’s long-term lunar exploration project

PORTLAND, Ore. (November 5, 2022)Rumpl, the category leader in premium technical blankets, and Oxcart Assembly, the creative cooperative behind NASA’s on-air uniforms, announce a new collection of NASA Artemis Mission-inspired designs that let you camp in out-of-this-world style. The collectible NASA and Artemis Rumpl products are available in three signature designs: the Original Puffy Blanket Artemis, the Original Puffy Blanket NASA and the Original Puffy Poncho Artemis. The exclusive collection marks the beginning of NASA’s Artemis Mission and is available today at when Artemis I takes off from Earth

“The beginning of the NASA Artemis Mission is an important milestone as NASA continues to push what’s possible when it comes to space exploration and humanity. Our exclusive Rumpl x NASA Artemis collection is unique and expresses a bold mix of vibrant and futuristic designs that will keep all NASA fans stylish through liftoff of this mission,” says Wylie Robinson, founder and CEO at Rumpl.

The NASA Artemis collection is available in two Original Puffy Blanket (MSRP $129) designs and one Original Puffy Poncho (MSRP $199) design. The blankets and poncho feature a bold mix of classic designs and futuristic colorways inspired by Artemis’ vibrant horizon gradient. Each product includes either a NASA logo patch or an Artemis logo patch and is made with Rumpl’s 100% post-consumer recycled polyester shell and 3D hollow fiber siliconized synthetic insulation. The durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment and 30-denier ripstop polyester fabric make this blanket and poncho weather- and stain-resistant to hold up to the test of time. The blankets incorporate Rumpl’s original features like the blanket’s Cape Clip® and the poncho’s hidden pocket drink holder for hands-free mobility while on the go.  

With the Artemis program, NASA plans to establish a sustainable presence on the moon and land the first woman and the first person of color on the lunar surface sometime in the mid-2020s. The Rumpl and Oxcart Assembly NASA Collection is bound to add comfort to your life no matter where you are under the moon as the first test of the SLS Rocket returns humans to the lunar surface.

How to watch: NASA will livestream the launch on NASA TV, which can be streamed on NASA’s website, on NASA TV’s YouTube Channel, or on NASA’s livestream. The agency plans to launch the SLS rocket some time between November 12–27, 2022 from Kennedy Space Center.

For all Rumpl media inquiries, please contact Maria Brickman: For all Oxcart Assembly media inquiries, please contact Jeff Jetton:

About Oxcart Assembly: Oxcart Assembly is a decentralized, multi-disciplinary cooperative uniting to work on specialized projects and initiatives. No offices. No executive salaries. Everywhere and nowhere. Oxcart is a collective of thinkers and doers who are dedicated to making aesthetically beautiful and functional work in the physical and digital world.

About Rumpl: Based in Portland, Oregon, Rumpl makes Blankets for Everywhere. Utilizing material technologies commonly found in activewear and outdoor gear, Rumpl aims to modernize the everyday blanket. Rumpl’s high-quality, versatile blankets keep you comfortable no matter where you are. The materials have been tested and proven in harsh environments, yet specifically selected for comfort and durability. Rumpl believes the blanket you use every day deserves the same attention to detail as a sleeping bag you might use ten times a year. The result is a premium and multi-purpose blanket that can be used anywhere you go or when you don’t go anywhere.


Rumpl Contact:

Maria Brickman

970-924-0704 ext. 2104

Oxcart Assembly Contact:

Jeff Jetton