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Green Flash Brewing Company Launches New Beers Across the U.S., Unveils Refreshed Branding

rygr October 13, 2022

Year-Round Brews Bolster WEST COAST IPA® Lineup

SAN DIEGO (Oct. 13, 2022) – Green Flash Brewing Company celebrates 20 years of brewing world-class beers and announces the release of its new WEST COAST IPA® lineup, which includes the iconic WEST COAST IPA® beer and two all-new beers, Imperial West Coast IPA and Hazy West Coast IPA. This year-round lineup is available now in 12-ounce cans, nationally.

Green Flash’s new lineup of core beers celebrates its WEST COAST IPA® roots, which helped define West Coast-style IPAs and put the San Diego-founded brand on the map.

The brand’s iconic West Coast IPA® beer (7% alcohol by volume (ABV)) is brewed with six different hops featuring complex layers of pine, floral, and ripe citrus tropical aromas.

The new Green Flash IPA lineup also includes:

Imperial West Coast IPA (8.9 % ABV), an amplified version of the classic WEST COAST IPA® beerfeaturing an epic wave of hops, delivering grapefruit zest bitterness supported by notes of dark caramel and finishing easy with floral and dry woodsy hop notes. Imperial West Coast IPA is also available in 19.2-ounce cans nationally.

Hazy West Coast IPA (6.5% ABV), brewed with Citra, Motueka, and El Dorado hops, delivers a wave of tropical flavors and aromas of pineapple, stone fruit, and lime with a bright, hazy appearance.

“These new beers are a celebration of the beloved West Coast-style IPAs, and our new packaging and branding reinforces our roots in San Diego, a special community that has consistently contributed to the prominent craft beer lifestyle. Green Flash is one of the original San Diego craft beers, and we’ll always have a deep connection to the people, coastline, and surrounding waters,” says Green Flash Creative and Brand Director, Aaron Grossman. “With our refreshed branding, we’re beyond excited to launch across the country and share the love of our WEST COAST IPA® craft beers.”

The addition of two new, year-round beers comes at an exciting time for Green Flash, as the brand is expanding its distribution across California and in new states, including Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, with plans to expand into nine additional eastern states in early 2023, including Alabama, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Green Flash remains focused on bringing its specialty craft ales to new communities from coast to coast. Starting in December, all three beers will be available in Green Flash’s new WEST COAST IPA® Variety 24-pack at select wholesalers.

Green Flash’s new branding is designed to reconnect the brand with its proud roots. The packaging prominently features custom artwork by Matthew Jay Fleming, whose illustrations depict the vibrant San Diego coastline and capture the brilliance of the West Coast’s Green Flash, which is the optical phenomenon that occasionally occurs as the sun sets into the ocean below the horizon.

About Green Flash Brewing Company

Part legend, part luck, the elusive green flash is a San Diego sensation. But to us, it’s more than a burst of brilliant green light as the sun sets into the sea — it’s a magical moment that signals the end of an extraordinary day and the start of an epic night. Green Flash pioneered a new style of beer with its iconic WEST COAST IPA® craft beer. Today, its talented brewing team is keeping Green Flash at the forefront of craft beer by innovating specialty ales that are uniquely Green Flash and introducing them to new beer enthusiasts around the country.

Green Flash Brewing Company is a lifestyle craft beer brand and a part of the SweetWater Brewing Company’s family of brands.

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