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PHANTOM Glide Leads Way in Environmentally Friendly Base Treatment for Snowsports

rygr October 6, 2022

Salt Lake City-based company launches new easy-to-use, permanent base treatment for skis, snowboards and nordic skis to increase glide across various snow conditions

SALT LAKE CITY (October 6, 2022) — This winter, PHANTOM Glide, the permanent, single-application base treatment for skis and snowboards, launches a new formula all about efficiency. The PHANTOM Glide formula is a one-time permanent application is easy to apply, environmentally friendly and faster than universal wax. PHANTOM Glide will be available online at and select PHANTOM Glide dealers. 

“PHANTOM Glide solves two important problems: traditional ski waxes are bad for the environment and people don’t wax their skis as often as they should because it’s a hassle. The product of six years of research and iteration, the new PHANTOM Glide formula is faster across a broad range of conditions and easier to use than our original product,” says Shaun Spacht, sales and product manager at PHANTOM Glide.


How it works

Traditional ski and snowboard waxes are temporary glide solutions that function by coating the top layer of a ski or snowboard base. After a few hours, traditional wax wears off and glide performance diminishes. PHANTOM Glide is a permanent, one-time treatment that penetrates deep into the base material and is permanently bonded, regardless of the number of hours or days ridden.  

The formula consists of microscopic short-chain compounds that penetrate and diffuse into the unstructured sections of your ski or snowboard base. For example, imagine water filling a jar of marbles on a molecular level. Traditional wax cannot do this because wax molecules are too large to move through the base material. After the formula has been absorbed into the base, UV light is used to activate the curing process, permanently bonding PHANTOM Glide to the base material. Permanent bonding can be accomplished using a PHANTOM Glide Cure Station or natural outdoor sunlight. After a single finishing pass with a roto brush or PHANTOM Glide Polishing Pad, ski and snowboard bases are fully treated and ready to glide.

The environmental benefit

PHANTOM Glide continues to lead the way in environmentally friendly glide products. PHANTOM Glide products have always been free of PFOAs (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) and the newest formula maintains its consistent glide properties in a fluoro-free form. The formula doesn’t wear off in the snow and thus does not contribute to the environmental contamination of the soil and watershed.   

Faster than universal wax 

PHANTOM Glide is fast across various conditions and temperatures. It mirrors the glide of all-temperature wax in mid-winter snow conditions and exceeds it in warmer snow temperatures. Increased glide allows for better control and predictability on snow, creating a better overall mountain experience. It’s a game changer for everyone who moves over snow, from alpine and nordic skiing to snowboarding.

New formula, new look 

The new PHANTOM Glide formula is all about efficiency. It is thinner than previous formulas, allowing it to spread more quickly, meaning the user needs to apply half as much volume as before. Once the product is worked into the base, it is no longer necessary to wipe down the base before it is cured, resulting in an easier and more efficient application process. After the cure is finished, a final brushing with a roto or horse-hair brush is encouraged but not required. With the new formula, PHANTOM Glide also refreshes its brand look and feel, launching a new website with products available for purchase and additional information and instructions on how to use PHANTOM Glide properly.

For more on PHANTOM Glide, visit To find an authorized PHANTOM Glide dealer, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Senior Account Manager Maria Brickman at

About PHANTOM Glide: 

Developed by a team of expert chemists and material science engineers, PHANTOM Glide’s patent-pending formula creates a hydrophobic environment that offers three undeniable benefits. First, unlike topical wax, PHANTOM Glide is only applied once and permanently alters the chemistry of ski and board bases to improve baseline glide for the life of the product. Second, PHANTOM Glide offers consistently fast on-snow gliding performance across a broad range of conditions and temperatures. Third, and most importantly, PHANTOM Glide is made up of non-reactive chemical functional groups that are both inert to the environment and safe to those applying it. For more on PHANTOM Glide visit

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