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Norrøna Aims to Reduce Environmental and Social Impact Through Ambitious Responsibility Standard Roadmap

rygr September 8, 2022

Norwegian outdoor brand releases 2029 Responsibility Roadmap with 10 goals to accomplish by its 100-year anniversary



OSLO, Norway (Sept. 8, 2022)Norrøna, the four-season Norwegian outdoor brand known for its sustainably built, premium outerwear, announces its goal to create a catalyst for change in environmental and social responsibility with 10 transparent and ambitious responsibility goals across all parts of the business to align with its upcoming 100-year anniversary. This 2029 Responsibility Roadmap takes the entire value chain into account when measuring, tracking progress, publishing and making forward-thinking steps toward decreasing Norrøna’s environmental impact and creating a best-in-class workplace.

“We aim to be fully transparent about our goals and how we’re working to achieve them. By sharing our learnings and implementing an aggressive responsibility standard, our objective is to benefit the greater outdoor industry and reduce our impact on the planet,” says Norrøna CEO Jørgen Jørgensen. “We are taking both baby steps and giant leaps toward our 100-year anniversary, which involves 100% employee involvement. We don’t have all the answers, but we have the right mindset and right people leading us toward an even more responsible future at Norrøna and across our industry.”

“Since establishing our responsibility roadmap in 2014, Norrøna has embarked on a journey to improve as a business and make the least amount of impact across our industry and on our environment,” says Brad Boren, chief sustainability officer and director of innovation at Norrøna. “Creating products makes an impact, but our aim is to find solutions we can implement both internally and externally with partners like suppliers, as well as other brands, to minimize these impacts. This includes producing the most durable products, built with tested  materials with the lowest environmental impact, offering repairs when needed and creating the least amount of waste in the process.”

2029 Responsibility Roadmap Goals:

Zero carbon footprint

Commitment to use specific science-based targets to measure greenhouse gas emissions and offset Norrøna’s carbon footprint with CO2 quotas, with a target of full carbon neutrality by 2029.

100% responsible materials

100% of materials will come from recycled, organically grown, sustainable bio-synthetics, waste bi-products, reprocessed materials, or responsible animal-based materials—all with third party validation.

Zero waste

100% of leftover material used to make Norrøna products will be reused, recycled, or reprocessed, utilizing a circular business model to prevent materials from going to waste.

100% of products will respect proper land use and biodiversity 

Norrøna aims to protect the biodiversity of all land and wildlife connected to its products to ensure business practices don’t lead to a reduction of forest, grasslands, soil erosion and wildlife disruption.

100% of products will respect animal freedoms

Norrøna will respect the five animal freedom clauses, including: freedom from hunger or thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury, or disease, freedom to express normal behavior and freedom from fear and distress. All materials used will respect the Five Animal Freedoms and will have a valid third party verification.

100% of products are transparent, traceable and accountable

100% of products will be traceable, accountable and communicated by the use of third party verified tools, utilizing the most up to date science-based measuring systems to provide consumers with full transparency.

Zero hazardous chemicals

No hazardous chemicals will be released in the air, soil or water across the product supply chain, with all materials being chemically certified while using science-based mapping to measure chemical usage.

100% transparency and admirable working conditions for all workers

All workers in Norrøna’s value chain will earn a salary level that represents a fair living wage, and Norrøna will provide equal opportunities and treatment among women and men, a secure form of employment and safe working conditions with social protection. These actions will be consistently and clearly communicated with the public.

100% of workers will have their voices heard

All workers will be free to organize and participate in decisions that affect them and have access to grievance mechanisms. Norrøna will continue to be fully transparent about the value chain and verification from third-party auditors to document labor standards.

100% of sales will provide 1% to improve the planet and communities

1% of sales will support projects that significantly improve Norrøna’s social and environmental impact. Norrøna will contribute to causes dedicated to protecting nature and the wilderness, giving back to local communities and funding research that promotes sustainable innovation.

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About Norrøna: In 1929, Jørgen Jørgensen, a Norwegian outdoor enthusiast, set Norrøna’s bearing: to search for the best in technical advancements, to create the ultimate in performance product. Today, four generations later, Norrøna is still a privately-held and family-operated company based in Oslo, Norway, seeking to redefine the meaning of fit, function and finish in sustainably sourced and built technical outerwear.