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Front Runner Outfitters Takes Durable, Reliable Overlanding Gear to the Masses with ‘Find Anywhere’ Brand Platform

rygr June 17, 2020

Global adventure travel company launches new brand campaign to celebrate the search, the journey and the adventure


LOS ANGELES (June 17, 2020)  Front Runner Outfitters (Front Runner), the South African-based manufacturer known for building unmatched products for overlanding enthusiasts, announces a new brand platform aimed at making best-in-class equipment for off-road living available to mainstream outdoor, sport, lifestyle, and travel audiences. Entitled “Find Anywhere,” Front Runner’s new brand campaign centers around striking an emotional and philosophical throughline between multiple audiences—from core overlanders to sport-centric weekend adventurers—that is relatable and welcoming for all interested in pursuing adventure.

“Everyone has their own journey. Whether it’s a journey to a completely foreign, remote destination or recurring road trips to a go-to spot, we advocate for adventure anywhere,” says Front Runner Founder and CEO Stanley Illman. “The journey aspect is relatable, it’s universal and, in a really interesting way, heading out on a search to find something new brings us all together. With this new brand rollout, we’re all looking toward somewhere, anywhere.” 

Previous brand campaigns for Front Runner include, “Go To Extremes, Bring Back Proof,” a brand theme rooted in the hardcore overlanding space. This initial message was about an achievement of the impossible and the return to tell the tale. “Born to Roam,” the most recent brand campaign from Front Runner, grew from the freedom Front Runner celebrates in self-sufficient adventure. 

“Just like people grow and evolve over time, brands do, too,” continues Illman. “’Find Anywhere’ is the next evolution of Front Runner’s brand story. There is no final destination, the search is fluid, there is always another journey and adventure around the bend. We’re celebrating the unknown, the twists and turns on the journey, the people you meet, the laughs you share and the hurdles you overcome that make adventures memorable.”

While gear is not mandatory for an adventure, the right equipment allows adventurers to truly “find anywhere,” and Front Runner’s gear is a built to purpose. Racks and more than 55 compatible accessories are designed to suit whatever situation customers can imagine. Adventurers can trust Front Runner’s durable equipment, allowing them to focus on the things that matter most in the wild: safety, experiences, connections, and awe-inspiring moments. 

 “We’re proud of the range of products we manufacture,” adds Illman. “Our reputation with customers is rooted in our products, which are tested in the heart of South Africa and made to handle anything you throw at them. Our equipment is not only meant to look good and last forever, it helps you experience an adventure with confidence. We started this company because we live and love this lifestyle and we want nothing more than to enable our customers to have the best experience possible without worrying about their safety and their gear holding up. Front Runner helps adventurers get to their anywhere.”    

Front Runner launched the campaign online via social media and other owned media channels in June 2020. To view the first “Find Anywhere” brand video, please watch the first campaign video at Subsequent phases of the “Find Anywhere” rollout include collaborations with adventurers, to-be-announced competitions and creative advertisements with select media partners. Find out more at 

About Front Runner Outfitters: Front Runner Outfitters was born from the need for smarter, more durable vehicle-based adventure travel gear. A group of dissatisfied friends from South Africa combined their backgrounds in engineering, design, manufacturing and off-road racing to develop innovative and tough roof racks, water tanks, tents, awnings, drawer systems and camping accessories. Front Runner Outfitters’ manufacturing facility outside of Johannesburg, South Africa uses state-of-the-art manufacturing practices to produce quality products with intelligent design:

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